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creating unique paths for life-long learners

We are education specialists who guide each child on a unique path of self-discovery that encourages growth, strengthens skill, and empowers each learner to become life-long learners.


WE BELIEVE every child can find success!

Learning how to learn is one of life's greatest skills and our approach to learning support is individualized, research-based, and responsive to the learning profile of each student.  We provide each child with the tools they need to become engaged, confident and successful students.



Parents know their child best.  Each child has a particular set of unique capabilities, strengths and talents.  Determining the best learning path for your child involves a mindful approach to the process.  A child learns best when the school environment complements the individual's learning profile.  We believe that an interactive collaboration among parents, teachers and learning specialists empowers each student to forge a unique path of success.

Academic Counselling

Mindfulness Coaching

Student Advocacy

Admissions Guidance

Parent Education 

Teacher Support

We provide individualized learning support to students in Early Childhood through Secondary School; our consultants work with each child to strengthen academic skills and enrich cognitive capabilities.  Academic intervention begins with a comprehensive assessment that leads to a goal driven approach to support. We meet the needs of each student through

remediation, reinforcement, and enrichment.

Early Intervention

Academic Coaching

School-based Support

Cognitive Remediation

Reading + Writing + Math

Researched Based Intervention



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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think"



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